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Epic Brrrm!!

it's a long way, baby

3/12/05 10:34 pm - declasm - application

applicationCollapse )

3/2/05 01:58 am - _cakeordeath_

ok, technical incompetencies aside, i'm now part of this community (ta jabbawokki hehe) so i thought i'd do the application form on here, because then i can't lose it. here it is mateyCollapse )

2/17/05 10:40 pm - declasm

possible paint job idea for the rally ooh yeah!
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apparently it's a map of the nurburgring in germany!

2/15/05 08:09 pm - declasm - OPEN!

I suppose someone has to write the first entry for 'epic_brrrm' so it's me!

I don't know about yoo guys but we better get planning this mission - keep it on yoor mind at all times and if yoo see something or think of something that might make it an even cooler idea post it up here.

bee_tourist can yoo post up the official route cos i'm still not 100% sure where we're going and i'm sure that's still liable to change too. can yoo get that form on the userinfo page aswell then we can start to put together teams and stuff too.

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